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Title I Information

Ebenezer Avenue Elementary School

General Information about Title 1

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  Title 1 is a law under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 which provides federal funds for compensatory educational services.  Compensatory means "extra."  Title 1 helps students do better in school and feel better about themselves.  It helps parents understand their children and have more say about their children's education, and it helps teachers who can benefit from the suggestions and support of the Title 1 staff and from the satisfaction of seeing children succeed.


 In the Rock Hill School District , elementary schools are eligible for Title 1 services if the numbers participating in the free/reduced lunch program exceed the 2006-07 cut-off percentage of 41.53%, but funds were exhausted at 48.32%.

Title 1 schools for 2006-2007 are: Belleview, Ebenezer AvenueIndependence, Northside, Oakdale, The Children’s School at Sylvia Circle, and Sunset Park Elementary School.

Schools where 40% or more of the students qualify for free/reduced lunch are eligible for School-wide programs.  School-wide programs will be operating during the 06-07 school year in the eight  (8) schools listed above.  A School wide program means that all students are able to participate in services and the entire school is working toward higher achievement standards and acceleration for students.



All students in school wide programs benefit from Title 1 funding with participation in computer programs using the Successmaker software from Pearson Digital Learning, as well as receiving support from Reading Recovery, Literacy teachers and Instructional Assistants. Title 1 funds are used to purchase many leveled books, extra materials and supplies, and help to provide additional training and staff development for staff to better meet the needs of all students.  Parent participation and involvement is encouraged in all Title 1 Schools through opportunities to visit in classrooms, serve on committees, and attend meetings and workshops.


 Because Title 1 funds are for "extra" educational services to students, districts must prove that they are spending the same amount of state and local funds for all pupils before using Title 1 funding.  This district uses the teacher/pupil ratio method to demonstrate comparability.



Ebenezer is considered a School Wide Title 1/No School Left Behind School because 57% of the student body receive free or reduced lunch. We apply for a grant from the Federal Government each year. The 2006-2007 grant was $205,325.

Here are some of the things these funds provided.

• Instructional services through instructional assistants who work with specific grade levels.  

• Computer Lab Workshops for teachers and instructional assistants to keep current in new software and updated programs.

• An early intervention program through Reading Recovery and Literacy Groups with a trained Reading Recovery Teacher.

• Training for Reading Recovery through Continuing Contact and State/Regional Conferences.

School courses and workshops for teachers and administrators in literacy and hands-on math and strategies.

• A Parent Resource Library that covers a variety of topics that effect today's families with books and appropriate materials for children of less that school age.

• Training for staff members through attending Reading, Math, and Early Childhood Conferences.

Before school, after school and summer programs for students to provide additional assistance.

• Leveled books at reading levels appropriate for all children in a book room available for teachers and assistants.

Curriculum intergraded materials through non-fiction Social Studies/Science leveled books and activities books.